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Mediterranean roasted Sweet Potatoes with Garlic Tahini Sauce

Any French Fry lovers in the house? These roasted potatoes aren’t fries, but they hit the spot with their crispy edges and soft middle. I added some dill, rosemary, garlic, and sea salt which was the perfect savory flavors for these sweet potatoes! I drizzled in a homemade Tahini sauce for a combo dreams are made of!

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Cauliflower & Quinoa Taco Soup on a Budget

A lot of people believe that eating healthy is more expensive. It can be, but with effort, you can make organic healthy recipes like this cauliflower and quinoa taco soup for an affordable price.! The total price for all the ingredients in this recipe was $30. After splitting this huge pot of organic soup into 12 servings, the total price per bowl was $2.50!

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Easy Breakfast Scramble with Tostada Leftovers

It has officially been one week without Starbucks! That is about 12 plastic cups and $84 dollars saved! Each morning I find myself trying new ways to keep briefest fun and delicious and today’s meal was a winner coming off the heels of lasts night tostada feast.

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