Easy Breakfast Scramble with Tostada Leftovers


It has officially been one week without Starbucks! That is about 12 plastic cups and $84 dollars saved! Each morning I find myself trying new ways to keep briefest fun and delicious and today’s meal was a winner coming off the heels of lasts night tostada feast.

It was simple and so good! I heated up some of the cauliflower, sweet potato, and pepper leftovers in a frying pan.

Then I added two eggs to the pan and let them cook over medium heat until they were “over-medium” consistency. Flipping over one time.

I topped my eggs with fresh avocado slices and a little cheese.

I heated up some leftover black beans, and added some quinoa chips from Trader Joe’s to complete the meal!

Boom! A bomb healthy breakfast in five minutes! Make sure you remember this idea when you try our tostada recipe to make the most of your leftovers!

Enjoy! Cheers to another week without Starbucks!