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Healthy is the new skinny

HNS was founded by Katie Willcox in 2011. After creating a personal blog called Healthy is the New Skinny, with the purpose of speaking out against the harmful body measurement requirements for models in the fashion industry, Katie realized that there was much more involved with the collective self-loathing women experience when it comes to their bodies. To dive deeper into the topic of body image and self-love, Katie created a @healthyisthenewskinny Instagram page and a single black tank top that sported the slogan across the chest. Unexpectedly, the HNS Instagram page and apparel turned into a social movement driving the conversation about body positivity and self-love.  

In 2017, Katie published her first book Healthy is the New Skinny: Your Guide to Self Love in a "Picture Perfect" World. Katie's book serves as a roadmap for girls and women to battle the media and societal pressure to be small by choosing authentic health and wellness instead. 

Over the years, HNS evolved into an online athletic apparel shop, which featured healthy and empowering messages.  Katie also began to travel the country as a keynote speaker for events like Wanderlust Festival in Hawaii, Tahoe, and Hollywood. She has hosted workshops in partnership with Shape Magazine and has given countless lectures at high schools, colleges, and universities on the topics of body image and media influence.

Recently, Katie decided to take HNS a different direction. Realizing that we as people need to invest less in material things and invest more in knowledge and life-changing experiences, Katie closed down the apparel shop and launched a new HNS website and dream for the future.

HNS is now a hub for everything that embodies female empowerment, health, wellness, and connecting to your true essence as a woman. Through our workshops and retreats, and charity fundraising efforts, we are now providing girls and women with the opportunity to join our community and gain the tools needed to make a compelling shift towards self-love as they create the life they deserve. We are excited for the future generations to be raised by empowered and healthy mothers with a calling to make this world a more loving place.