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Making her debut as an author, Katie offers a breakthrough approach to healthy body image by exposing the harmful media messaging set in place by the fashion and beauty industries. Katie shares personal stories and experiences as a "plus size" model, girl boss, and overall flawed human being in a perfection-obsessed society. With each chapter, Katie tackles issues surrounding the topic of body image and helps pave the road of self-love for future generations of women to come.


We live in a world where beauty is everything. Society tells us that if we just looked a certain way, if we had the right products, if we were skinny enough, then we would be enough—we would have value. Society is wrong, but it took Katie H. Willcox years to understand this:

“I have both worked as a professional model and been the exact opposite of our culture’s beauty ideal. I have struggled with my weight and felt like I didn’t and never would fit in. Then I had a powerful realization: my misery and self-loathing didn’t change with my weight or how ‘pretty’ society thought I was, so my looks weren’t the source of happiness and worth that I had believed them to be. But then, what was? And how had I come to invest so much of myself in beliefs that were so untrue?”



"Becoming a mother has taught me many valuable lessons about the relationship I have with my body.  Body image issues never go away; they just change over time as our bodies do. Pregnancy was a whole new experience that brought back a lot of old feelings I had about my body. Using the tools in my book I was able to process those emotions and feelings in a much healthier way without placing blame on my body. Looking at my beautiful daughter each day reminds me that not only is my body is a beautiful and powerful vessel for life, but I now understand that the way I feel about myself and body will be the determining factor in how my daughter views her own body. Raising her to think her body is flawed is not an option."  


in these pages

 In these pages, Katie shares the lessons she learned on her journey to find the answers to these questions. She reveals who gains from our feeling small and why we need to examine the messages we receive from our culture and our families. She explains how we can redefine beauty, make healthy the new “skinny,” and harness the power of our thoughts to choose self-love. Katie encourages us to discover our true magnificent selves, find our purpose, and pursue our dreams—and help others to do the same.

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