Public Speaking

Katie Willcox provides an engaging one-hour multimedia presentation that covers a brief history of media advertising, the distortion of health and the “skinny beauty ideal” in the media, and how the beauty industry exploits our emotions to sell products. With her book release, Katie invites event attendees to dive deeper into this topic and search for answers to their body image issues that are preventing them from becoming the healthy happy people they were born to be. 

female empowerment workshops, retreats, & events

Female empowerment is our number one focus at HNS, and that is why we do our best to work with as many girls and women's groups as possible. Katie recently hosted the first ever, Escape with Shape at Miraval Resort and Spa getaway, as well as leading intmate workshops at Wanderlust Festivals around the country. Katie was a presenter at the Girl Scouts National Conference and continues to bring the message of Healthy is the new Skinny to local community events like, "Girls Night Out" in Agoura Hills, Be Bona-Fide Hollywood event, and a "Self-Love Celebration" with Ivviva to name a few.

School presentations


junior high, High-school, & universities

Katie's one-hour media presentation has been well received from students and faculty at many junior high schools, high schools, and universities around the country. As social media continues to be the primary source of influence for the younger generations, there is an apparent lack of education around social media marketing, and the tools and strategies used by companies to manipulate your sense of self to sell more products. Katie's presentation focuses on educating and empowering students to examine how they are being manipulated to sacrifice their health and well being to conform to beauty ideals. Katie's presentation addresses these ever-changing social media platforms and gives students tools to fight against the media manipulation that is targeting their self-esteem and personal value system. These tools are especially necessary for the youth, who are often light years ahead of the adults in their lives when it comes to technology and the next hot app. 

Festivals & Seminars

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Festivals, seminars, and CORPORATE meetings

Katie has been the keynote speaker for Wanderlust Festivals in Hawaii, Tahoe, and Hollywood. This year, she will be hosting workshops at some of the largest Wanderlust Festivals in the US and abroad. Along with festivals, Katie has been invited to speak at seminars like, AWE (Amazing women entrepreneur) seminar and has had the opportunity to share her message at corporate meetings, shedding light on how our sense of self and self-esteem effect all aspects of our lives, including our work environment. 

Panel Discussions 


Katie moderated the first #TLKS event with Adidas Origonal on the west coast at Coachella to launch "Arkyn" a new shoe for women designed by women that aims to start a conversation around creativity and culture. Watch this video from Refinery 29, get inspired to live in a more authentic way, and put yourself in a position to join coversations like this one.

Becca Swim

Katie joined Becca Swim for an interesting panel discussion on size, fit, and the harmful effects of using your body to build a social media presence. 

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