Escape with Shape at Miraval Retreat Recap


I was so thankful to have been asked to teach my body image and media influence workshops at the first ever Escape with Shape at Miraval Resort and Spa, in Tuscan AZ. My family and I just got back into the United States after living in Mexico for three months the night before we headed out on the road again.  We love road trips, and this was the first time we attempted to do a long drive with our 14-month-old daughter.  Shockingly it went well in part to the life-saving Sesame Street app. Bradford and I love True so much it is just crazy, but we also really needed this little break to rest and recharge. 

We dropped True baby off in Pheonix with Grama, and we headed out solo towards Miraval. I recently just got this new workout set from Wolven Threads, and I am obsessed. I first learned of them when I was speaking with Wanderlust Fest in Tahoe. Quick product review here, I am wearing the size large. I love the material because it is soft and has great shape. My favorite thing about these leggings would be the waistband. I love a wide waistband without elastic. It is just so much more comfortable and flattering because it doesn't pinch. This was not a paid post; I am legit loving these and I got a blue set too! As you can see, Bradford and I were excited about being baby free, and we stopped at this beautiful spot in the desert for an impromptu photo shoot. 

Bradford and I arrived at Miraval Resort, and we received 5-star service right away. Starting by greeting us with a fresh apple and cinnamon juice and taking care of our luggage while we checked into our room. I had no idea what I was in for in the best way possible. The food at the resort is fresh and healthy with plenty of options to choose from. There are countless activities to fill up your day. Everything from horseback riding, to hiking, yoga, spin class, meditation and more.  

I was scheduled to teach four separate body image and media influence workshops over the two days.  I was interested in seeing how these workshops would go since I usually teach girls and women in their teens and twenties and this group of women were ranging in age from 30-60. At every workshop, there seems to be a common theme that pops up. For the younger groups it is social media pressures, but for this group of women, the common issue of self-loathing and poor body image was directly related to their mothers. 

A considerable part of what we struggle to accept about ourselves comes from the media and the manipulated images we see each day. The other important aspect that doesn't get talked about as much is the generational programming handed down from our family, most importantly our mothers. Taking time to stop and identify moments in your life that left scars on your self-esteem is powerful and something I bring out through my workshops with several writing exercises. 

I always feel so honored to share these vulnerable moments with others.  The more I teach and speak with women of all ages, the more I realize that collectively we are hurting. More importantly, we are together seeking love and acceptance because we are loving beings.  Age is just a number, but the understanding and beauty of the connections that were made both personally and on a group level are infinite. 

I met so many amazing women, and I know more then ever this is what I was born to do! I love sharing this information and helping women understand how they are being conditioned to not like themselves for others to profit. We are becoming aware that something isn't quite right, now we have to seek out information, experiences, and like-minded people to assist us on our journey back home to our true selves. 

Thank you, Shape Magazine for having me and sharing this beautiful experience and the amazing spa treatments.