Girl Gang Hang at Mayweather Boxing Hollywood

We had a blast at our HNS Girl Gang Hang at Mayweather Boxing Gym in Hollywood last weekend. We love trying new ways to workout and this class was so fun! We were burning 700-800 calories in one hour! That is how much ass we kicked!

One of the common themes we hear the most and we want to overcome is the social anxiety of going to a group event like this one! You worry because you don’t know anyone, haven’t ever done this type of workout, or you fear it will be too hard…. on and on. Watch this video and look at our faces… does it look like there is anything to fear?

At the end of this fun hour we spent sweating our butts off, we realized that our fears didn’t exist. It was fun meeting new people. It was fun trying this workout. And it felt so good to push our selves and do something good for our bodies as a group. Not one single woman left feeling bummed out that she joined this experience. Keep that in mind the next time you see a HNS Girl Gang Hang and sign up! We would love to workout with you!

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