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My Day 1 of 90: Labor of Love Health Challenge

Today is day 1 of a 90 day health commitment and I am feeling scared. One thing I have learned about my feelings is that they aren’t always accurate. It is okay to feel them, but it is also okay to analyze them. Why am I scared to make this commitment? Well, I worry I won’t complete it, I will let myself down, and I will fail. At this time my conscious mind kicks in and ask: How can I fail if I am working to better my health and my life? I can’t!

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Tips to Prioritize and Prepare Your Food and Workouts for the #21daychallenge

We kicked off Cycle 3 of the #21daychallenge with over 1250 people who signed up to improve their lifestyle and create healthy habits with us! We have some tips that will help you prioritize your workouts and prepare your healthy meals with ease to crush this challenge like the boss you are!

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