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Striped and Strapless, the Perfect Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit

How do we battle the crazy photoshopped images we see on social media everyday? We post our real bodies. It is that simple. As I have been discovering some really beautiful swimwear for summer, I have also been leaving my body as is in the photos. Granted, I might smooth a bikini line (full disclosure,) the rest is what my body looks like. And guess what? This swimsuits still look amazing. I hope these posts help you shop for the summer from someone who might have a body type that is closer to your own.

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Adidas #TALKS Panel Moderated by Yours Truly

I was thrilled when Adidas asked me to moderate their first ever #TALKS event on the west coast at Coachella to launch their new design, "Arkyn." Arkyn is a shoe designed for women by women with the intent of starting much-needed conversations for women around culture and creativity. Watch the full video and get inspired here!

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