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Striped and Strapless, the Perfect Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit

How do we battle the crazy photoshopped images we see on social media everyday? We post our real bodies. It is that simple. As I have been discovering some really beautiful swimwear for summer, I have also been leaving my body as is in the photos. Granted, I might smooth a bikini line (full disclosure,) the rest is what my body looks like. And guess what? This swimsuits still look amazing. I hope these posts help you shop for the summer from someone who might have a body type that is closer to your own.

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Why The BMI is Total BS and How You Can Change Your Relationship with the Scale

Did you know the BMI is BS? Yes, it is. The BMI is not an accurate calculation for total body health because it can't tell the difference between fat, muscle, bone, and water percentages. I work with so many women who are focused on what they weigh without understanding the different components that create that number.  It is the new year and lots of you are dedicated to improving your health, so let's talk about weight! This is a trigger for many people and I totally get it! If that is you, skip this post. If you are interested in altering your relationship with your body and the scale, I think you will find this post interesting!

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