Girl Power Tough Mudder 5K Team with Soap & Glory


A few weeks ago I traveled to Chicago to attend the Tough Mudder event with Soap & Glory for the launch of their new soap, Call of Fruity. (Which is hilarious BTW) I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was excited to be there and learn more about this overwhelmingly intimidating course. After checking out the Soap & Glory rinse station I and giving my best at ax throwing for the first time, I headed out to see what Tough Mudder was all about.


After doing my extensive research on google and Instagram and seeing super buff people doing crazy obstacles that seem impossible for the average human from the outside looking in, I started to feel anxious.


I didn’t compete in this tough mudder because I was there to share on social media and as you can see, phones and mud aren’t the best combinations. But, as I drove around the course in a cool ATV, my anxiety quickly diminished. “This isn’t so scary,” I thought to myself. The classes looked more fun than scary and what I found to be most inspiring was seeing so many women kicking ass around so many men.


Course after course I would see these women and yell out “Girl Power” rooting for them to keep going. I wasn’t required to try any of the courses myself, but the women genuinely inspired me at this event. So, I decided to go for it! I also recruited two of the Soap & Glory publicist to join me! LOL


As you can see we were pretty happy, we didn’t just watch from the sidelines, and we decided to join in on the fun! I can honestly say, at this point, any fear or anxiety I had dissipated, and now it was all about being here in the moment for a fun experience. I wasn’t about looking good, or being perfectly posed so my body would look perfect in photos. I wasn’t about being the best or knowing how to do any of these new obstacles that we faced; it was about our willingness to try.


There were moments when I thought, ”Can I do this?” Or, “Can I Climb this wall?” To be honest, I didn’t know…. But I tried it anyway and what I found was that I was strong enough, I was capable, and all this time I was cutting myself short! This experience so inspired me, and I saw such a beautiful opportunity for women to join together as a team to support each other to overcome not only the physical obstacles of the course but the ones we face in day to day life.


We are doing it, and we want your beautiful self on our girl power team! This Oct. 6th Soap & Glory and I are partnering for a girl power team for the 5k Tri-State Tough Mudder! The first ten women to join my team will get free admission, customized team gear, plus an epic swag bag full of your favorite Soap & Glory products! Our wave for the 5k can have up to 250 people! Can you imagine how cool it would be to have 250 women for that wave?!

If you doubt yourself right now, stop! Look at our faces in these photos! You can do this! You won’t be the strongest or the weakest; you will be there to help others and to receive help in return! That is what this is about! Click below to join my team for this inspiring girl power event and believe you are capable as long as you are willing to try!