6 Women, 6 Different Shapes, Wearing the Same Size Bikini

shein suit ig 2.jpg

Working as a model for over 17 years of my life, as well as owning a modeling agency has given me a unique perspective on the female body, measurement, and size. For those of you who aren't aware, measurements are really important when you are a working model. As a working model, your body measurements are critical because when you are hired for a job you need to fit the sample size clothing on set. This is true for both straight size models who's samples can range in size from a size 0-4 and for plus size models who are sample size can range from a size 14-16. Sample sizes are not determined by the model or even the art director who hires the models. Samples sizes are decided on a corporate / manufacturing level. Why are samples sizes so small? That is a great question, and although we can jump to conclusions about size prejudice in the industry, (which totally exists) it comes down to economics! You use fewer materials making a size 0-4 sample than a size 10-12, and for plus size, you use fewer materials making a size 14 sample vs. a size 20 sample. When you use few materials, the cost is less, and in the apparel industry, profit is always the number one agenda. 

When it comes to women in the fashion industry, we as consumers are exposed to only two distinct body types; the ideal straight size model body, the ideal plus-size model body, and nothing in-between. To make matters worse we are inundated with photoshopped and facetuned bodies on Instagram that depict cartoonish female body types, we rarely to never see in real life. At HNS we want to create content that is intelligent, thought-provoking, truthful, inspiring, healthy, and for the female eye. For us as women to have a healthier relationship to our bodies, we need to break down some of the false beliefs we have about them. 

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Our first experiment was inspired after Nikki, the head booker at Natural Models purchased this bikini in size large from Shein. In good fun, we both tried it on to see how different it would look on our body types. Niki is 5'4" with narrow shoulders, small waist, and round butt. I am 5'9" with broad shoulders, straight up and down, with a flat stomach and butt. As we shared this experiment with the Natural office, Amanda who is another employee with a different body type said, "Let me try it on!" Amanda is 5'3" and is built muscular on the lower half, round in the middle, with a large bust and flat butt. When we saw that the same bikini in the same size (large) fit all three of us, we knew we had to take this experiment one step further. On Fridays we have models come into the office for digitals, and we asked three more women to try on the same size large swimsuit. To our shock and amazement, it fit everyone! 

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Our concept of a "Bikini Body" is often directly correlated to size based on the images of models we see in the media and store in our subconscious. We love these images because they are 100% raw and un-retouched. These photos realistically depict 6 different female bodies, and the goal was not to show our bodies in the most "attractive" angles based on what garnishes the most likes on Instagram. Yes, there are women in swimsuits but these images are for the female eye, and our goal is to help you challenge your beliefs about what bikini bodies look like and how diverse our bodies can be all at the same size. 

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"Taking raw "un-posed" images in my bikini was daunting, especially when I knew it was going to be seen by thousands of people. I'm not going to lie, at first I didn't want these to be posted, but the more I look at it and realize the meaning behind it, I am super proud to be able to be apart of Healthy is the new skinny and this movement! Comparing myself to others has been something I have struggled with my whole life. That is something I hope to overcome, and I think content like this is going to be extremely helpful not only for myself but for all women. " Nikki Mann

Remember it is not easy to show our true selves in our society that is quick to judge, have an opinion, and be mean, but we are not here for society's approval. This experience called life is meant for each one of us, and if we can claim it for ourselves, we can find a way to connect to who we are at the core. That means boldly showing ourselves as we are regardless of the approval, validation, or ridicule we may receive from others. You are deserving of wearing a swimsuit, working out, being healthy, sharing your passion and purpose with the world, and being your true authentic self. We are here rooting for you. 



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