June 21-Day Challenge Week One Recap


Do you remember the anxiety you got in the 8th grade when you decided to have a party and worried no one would show up? Well, I decided to do a 21-day challenge and these women showed up! We finished the first week and I am so freaking inspired. When I look at these photos I see and feel a comforting familiarity that I don't feel when I am on social media. Even though our photos are scattered in the mix of the "perfect insta life" and "the perfect insta body", we are there. When I put all of these photos together I see so many women who are just like me. Strong, healthy, inspired women doing their best to figure out how to feel their best.  If you have a bad body image day and need to see what healthy women look like, come to this post. Health is a lifestyle, not a body type and we are all in it to win it. Great job ladies! Sending you love and positivity!