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Vogue's 1969 "Nude Look" that Shifted Focus from Fashion to the Body.

The 1969 shift in the culture of women’s magazines starting with Vogue’s “Nude Look” laid the foundation for diet culture to become one of the most profitable industries in America. Magazines like Vogue understood that by focusing on the female body vs. clothing, they could create problems where there were none, while simultaneously offering and selling consumers a “solution.”

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The Death of the 1950's "Housewife" and Rise of Beauty Ideals for Women

I speak about media manipulation and the effect it has on our sense of self often and in this post I give you a brief history in the demise of the former “housewife” role for women in the 1950’s and the rise of beauty and youth ideals that became synonymous with a woman’s ability to be a heroine.

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