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Podcast Episode #3 Spirituality and Past Life Regression Therapy

The cats out of the bag! On episode #3 of our podcast, Bradford and I are talking about our personal beliefs when it comes to spirituality, the strange events that started interrupting my sleep at twenty-five years old, and my first past life regression therapy session. You won’t want to miss it!

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The Harsh Reality of Reality Tv, Podcast Episode #2

Former and "recovering" Tv Producer, Carrie Sherman, stops by to talk about the harsh reality of reality tv that ultimately damaged her health and inspired her to quit the business to eat, pray, love, and discover how to use her talents for good. It is vital that we know how reality tv is constructed and for what purpose so we can enjoy it without being mentally harmed by it's messaging. 

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Listen to Our New Podcast "Reality Check" with Bradford and Katie

Husband and Wife duo, Bradford and Katie, take on the challenge of living in a media-driven world. They talk about media manipulation, life, love, and all that in between, with interesting exchanges from the male and female perspective, and guest hosts to bring expert opinions into the mix. Listen to thier first episode, "We're Offended" unless you are easily offended... then you might want to skip it. 

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