Organic Makeup? Is it a Yes or a No?


I have recently become really interested in cruelty-free and organic makeup but I haven't really ever used a wide variety of products to know the good from the bad. Let's be real, organic makeup isn't cheap either, so we are going to help you find some great products to try starting with Antonym Cosmetics


I tried the Antonym foundation which is my first time trying organic foundation. The consistency is definitely different than what I am used to. I would say this foundation is more of  a paste and goes on pretty thick. Because it is winter I have lost my tan, my skin has more red tones and the color foundation I got was a little more yellow. It still looked really nice I think I might need to get an additional color to mix for my perfect shade. I didn't have the Antonym concealer and used the one I already have from Makeup Forever and I don't think they mixed well. But I am not going to give up on the organic foundation I think I need more practice and the correct color plus concealer to get it right!


The brow pencil is amazing. I am loving the dark brow with my lighter hair. It goes on really easy and has a sharpener on the end! Loved it. I also enjoyed the mascara but did notice it takes a few more minutes to dry. I put my shirt on and accidentally hit my eye. The mascara wasn't dry yet and I got it all over my eyelid. I actually like it when mascara is wetter because I feel the cheap brands dry out really fast and I can tell this one won't do that. 


My Favorite thing I tried from Antonym was the baked blush! I love the wood packaging. The blush powder is really fine and soft and the swirled colors are perfection. It matched my sweater perfectly. Two thumbs up on the blush! Lastly, we have the lip pencil that we were so lucky to add to our Denver yoga event swag bags for women to try! It really polished my easy makeup look and brought that soft and fresh look together for my time in Copper Mountain, Colorado! These might need to be added to your holiday wish list! So the answer to our question, Is organic makeup a yes or no? It is a YES! And the enviornment and animals will thank you.


If you are loving this look the shirt is from Target! Have you guys seen how amazing Target is with the body diversity in the store images, the mannequins, and the clothing options? They are killing the game! I love love love their advertising. I always like my sweaters oversized so this is a 1XL. 


The earrings are from Pink Blush and good news!!! They are on sale for $8 right now! BOOM!

The jeans are from Liverpool Jeans! Liverpool is awesome because they carry a full range of sizes and have tons of fit options to choose from to make the worst thing int he world (jean shopping) less painful. 

Gotta go play in the snow now!