Model Imogen Ker Calls Out Her Body Shammer - Shape Magazine


The 24-year-old model and doula from Los Angeles was standing in the kitchen when the host walked in and began introducing her to another man. "He was telling this stranger how wonderful and amazing I was, and then out of the blue said, 'Imogen would be perfect if it wasn't for her body,'" she recalled to Shape.


Yes, you read that right. "It was almost like in his head he was complimenting me, but the insinuation was...because I was physically unappealing to him, I wasn't good enough as a person," she says.

Naturally, her immediate reaction was to tell him off and stand up for herself but then a strong (and understandable) feeling of embarrassment took over and she felt exposed and vulnerable. "I felt personally attacked in front of a stranger by someone who was supposed to be my friend," she says. "Also, women are taught to let things like this go, and initially, I did."

But she says the comment haunted her for days. "It was all I could think about, so I finally decided to text him and get what I was feeling off my chest."


Speak Up

“Sharing this experience has been incredibly therapeutic. My greatest hope is that women who have experienced the same kind of abuse can read my story, relate and get angry. You deserve to be angry. My path to self worship is a constant evolution” Imogen Ker

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