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Dare to Bare Event in Union Square!

I was so honored to be apart of the Dare to Bare event with Sweaty Betty in Union Square, NYC! When I arrived at Union Square, I ran right into Jenny Gaither, the founder of Movement Foundation and We Dare to Bare, which aims at making health and wellness accessible to all families. Dare to Bare is an initiative to invite women of all shapes and sizes to get active together and dare to bare their natural bodies. At this event, every woman took off some much needed weight, the shame and guilt that comes with having a female body. We showed up, as we are, in a sports bra, and got moving together. It was beyond inspiring. Take a look!

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"Because I Said So" Mother's Day Creative Project

For me, Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate motherhood but also a time to reflect on what kind of mother I want to be! That includes how I want to speak to True and rethinking popular Mom phrases like, “Because I said so.” I decided to do a creative project changing the phrase “Because I said so,” from a negative to a positive connotation because I want my daughter to always believe in herself without question, and as her mother I play an important role in that outcome.

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