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Dare to Bare Event in Union Square!

I was so honored to be apart of the Dare to Bare event with Sweaty Betty in Union Square, NYC! When I arrived at Union Square, I ran right into Jenny Gaither, the founder of Movement Foundation and We Dare to Bare, which aims at making health and wellness accessible to all families. Dare to Bare is an initiative to invite women of all shapes and sizes to get active together and dare to bare their natural bodies. At this event, every woman took off some much needed weight, the shame and guilt that comes with having a female body. We showed up, as we are, in a sports bra, and got moving together. It was beyond inspiring. Take a look!

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The Benefits of Being Fiercely Independent

I have always been an independent person. When I was 17 years old, I moved to New York City alone without knowing a single person or having any family nearby. People told me I was crazy and took bets on how long it would take for me to go back home. Last week while I was back in NYC, it was surreal... I was sitting in an Uber, stuck in traffic, and looked out my window to realize we were right in front of my old dorm building. I was able to see in the window of the room I stayed in and had one of those amazing life moments when you feel so damn proud of the person you have become. Read more about what I have learned about being #fiercelyindependent.

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