Kat Maisano Turns Down 10K Offer From Popular Diet Pill Co. For Before and After Photos


Personal Trainer Kat Maisano lost 65 pounds postpartum without ever stepping foot in a gym.

After giving birth to her son and becoming a full-time Mom, Kat found it nearly impossible to find time to go to the gym. She started her postpartum health journey at home by following workouts she found on Pinterest, often times while her son was napping. Kat lost 65 pounds without ever stepping foot in a gym and she discovered a passion for fitness she didn't know she had. After experiencing the benefits of her health transformation, Kat decided to help others learn how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle by becoming a certified personal trainer and opening her own gym, Keep Going Studio. It didn't take long before Kat was approached by a popular diet pill company offering her 10K for her before and after weight loss photos. Find out why Kat declined the offer by watching the video below. 

Transformation Photos

Every health transformation has physical components, and we are taught to value the physical changes above all else. But, it is the changes that others can't see that improve our health the most. That is why we love Kat and her approach to health. It isn't just about achieving a perfect body; it is about creating a community of people working towards to same goals of health and wellness. Challenging ourselves to train our minds to be more kind, more positive, and more loving towards ourselves and others is equally as important to our health as eating well and moving our bodies. In doing so, by expanding our understanding of personal health, we also expand our opportunity for an authentic and beautiful transformation in mind, body, and spirit. 

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Your actions should tell a story of achieving your goals💪🏼😀

"Success is in the daily routine. What you do daily. Repetitive actions whether in the right or wrong direction creates your reality. 
You won't lose weight, then gain muscle over night. Major progress happens gradually. Small daily steps towards your goal every day. 
There will be failures, but that doesn't mean you are finished. You will try and fail. Fall down and get back up. The most important part is that you #keepgoing -"

Kat recently joined the Natural Model Management "Influencer" division, and we are excited to share her story, and inspiring content here at healthy is the new skinny. Did you know the diet industry will pay you big bucks for your before and after weightloss photos? Find out why Kat turned down the $10,000 offer for her before and after photos by watching the video below. 

The truth about before and after weight-loss photos in the media

If you want to get workout tips and inspiration from this healthy mom, follow Kat on Instagram at @katmaisano and remember to "Keep Going." 


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