Tomato, Cucumber, & Avocado Salad


I was getting creative with my salad and happened upon the perfect combonation of veggies in one bowl, and I am a little bit obsessed. Here is the weird part… yes, besides me be obsessed with a salad, there is no lettuce! At first, I questioned my creative abilities because I didn’t have lettuce, but my drive to make a healthy meal won in the end. Okay, enough joking around, you are going to dig this recipe.


  • cherry tomatoes

  • cucumber, cubed

  • fetta cheese

  • red onion chopped thin and small

  • 1/2 avocado, cubed

  • balsamic dressing

  • Optional - Sunflower seeds.

Toss ingredients in a salad bowl and enjoy. Don’t worry too much about how much of what you need. Eyeball it! How hungry are you? How many people are you making food for? Get creative and have fun!