Normal Girl in a Fitspo World: Episode 1 "Started from the Bottom Now I am Here"

Hello from Mexico! I am really excited about two new video blogs my husband Bradford and I are creating! We are launching our family adventure vlog, "True Calling" where we will be documenting the next year of our lives as we travel to new and interesting places with our daughter True.  Every person has a calling and a purpose in life, but so often we end up living the lives that are expected of us instead. Bradford and I have always loved to travel, see the world, have amazing adventures, and meet new people! After having True we realized that we would like to add more children to our family down the road. Knowing that as True gets older she will need more stability, we felt like the time for traveling is now! I am so excited to have this time with her and Bradford as we work from the road and answer our true calling to live a meaningful and happy life. We are currently living in Playa Del Carmen Mexico! I will be posting our first travel video later this week! Stay tuned.

My second vlog that I am really excited to share is this one, "Normal Girl in a Fitspo World." As we are fulfilling our purpose and our hearts with joy on our family adventure, I am also working on living the healthiest life possibly.  What does that mean? Great question! That is exactly what I am going to be figuring out on my health journey. I have been every size from a 6 to a 14 and recently went from having a pregnant belly and back down to a size 12 (where I am currently). I had my daughter 10 1/2 months ago and my body is just now feeling back to normal and ready to start working out regularly. When you are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, I find social media to be extremely toxic. The image of health in the "Fitspo world" is extreme and tends to have a negative vs. positive effect on my mental state. I have realized that I want to be fit and healthy and that even though I am doing wonderful things for my body, it may never look like the image of health we are being sold or see so often on social media. I have decided that I am okay with that and when it comes to the way by body looks, I am cool with being a normal girl in a fitspo world. I hope you join me as I start this fitness and healthy journey with a new and healthy perspective.  

In the first episode: "Started from the Bottom and Now I am Here.... Again," I give you my body image and health history.  There are so many things I have learned over the past 13 years of my health journey that have contributed to the mentality I have about health and my body now. Before I get going on all the workouts and recipes I wanted to just talk about how I found myself here! 

I would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you have. My goal is to create a community of likeminded women who are working to live their best life.  Together we can quit diet culture and discover authentic health and wellness.