3 Ways You Can Challenge the Health & Beauty Ideal via Social Media


Over the past few years, we have seen a shift in the conversation around women's bodies. As social media platforms have continued to grow, so has the opportunity for public opinion. Advertisers hear loud and clear that women want to see more diversity represented in the media. We have seen significant progress in the fashion industry as it slowly moves towards a more inclusive view of beauty, interestingly enough, the image of health has not made the same progress. I was asked to join Shape Magazine's #lovemyshape campaign when I was four months pregnant with True. The initiative behind the #lovemyshape campaign was show all types of women with various shapes and forms who are healthy.  It was amazing to see the spectrum women that were featured and the judgment that comes with battling our programing of what "health" should look like.

When I was asked to join this campaign, it was the perfect time for me to reflect on my body image as my shape and belly were changing on a daily basis. I loved this campaign and the effort being made to show body diversity within the health arena. It is time to challenge our understanding of health and wellness, as well as what that looks like.  I would like to see women be validated and highlighted for living healthy and vibrant instead of solely focusing on the women whose image matches that of the media's ideal healthy body. This kind of social change requires all people who want to live in a healthier society to contribute. If you want to see more body types represented in the media and see the image of health and beauty begin to expand, then join us. Yes, you. You are worthy of being included, and as women, this has to be a collective effort. If you aren't quite sure how to contribute, here are three easy ways to have an impact on the health and wellness arena on social media. 

3 ways you can help CHALLENGE the

health & beauty ideal via social media 

  • Show your real body. Yep, that is right! You have to ditch the apps, photoshop, and perfect angles to revile the wonderful female form that is your body. Remember you have to be the change you want to see in the world and on social media.
  • Be honest about your health journey. We all know that it isn't easy to balance everyday life, the gym, work, cooking healthy meals etc. When you come across people on social media who are honestly sharing their experience instead of the illusion of perfection, you instantly connect with them. That is how an authentic community is created and that is how your social media experience becomes a much healthier one. 
  • Support other people who are doing a great job. As you know, Instagram isn't a platform where authenticity garnishes the most attention or followers. Finding those amazing people and pages that can bring positivity and honesty into your daily life is important. Sharing those pages with other is equally important! If you love a page, share it with your community! Remember the goal is to contribute to the greater good and do what you can to assist this much needed healthy shift. Don't forget you have a voice and a platform. Regardless of how many people are following you, you matter and you are powerful.