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Home & Family

Katie Willcox stopped by the set of Home & Family TV to chat about creating Natural Model Management, Healthy is the new skinny, HNS the book, as well as discussing ways we can raise a new generation of healthy children who won't have to struggle to feel comfortable in thier own skin. 

The american dream

Katie visited the set of  "The American Dream" to speak about her growing company, Natural Model Management, her book, Healthy is the new Skinny, and what she has leanred from working in the fashion industry as both a model and agent for almost 2 decades. 

Los Angeles abc channel 7

Tips to helping loved ones who might be suffering from an eating disorder

It is estimeated that over 30 million people in the US suffer from eating disorders and only 10% of those people receive treatment. Katie Willcox is bringing attention to the disfunction of our culture that fuels eating disorders and how we can get our loved ones who may be suffering the help they need. 

Los Angeles abc channel 7

Replacing New Year's Resolutions with Healthy Habits 

New Year's Resolutions are so 2017, and Katie Willcox stopped by abc channel 7 news to inspire people to replace their resolutions with healthy habits instead. "Fixing" your body won't cure your low self-esteem, but making choices that allow your mind, body, and spirit to opporate optimally will make a lasting difference in how you think and feel about yourself.  

Speaking Reel

Watch more of Katie on various TV and News segments spreading the message that healthy is the new skinny. 


Katie Willcox always keeps it real, Here's why you should too

MissBish traveled to Palm Springs California to followed Katie and Bradford Willcox for an entire day. See what it's like working from home with a new baby and handling it like a #boss. It is never perfect but it is always real and that is the best way to live.

Closet Raid

take a look inside a new mom's closet

Celebrity stylist Jasmine Whitley came to Katie's Palm Springs home to raid her closet. See the fun styles and accessories this new Mom had her closet doors. Plus, Katie sits down with Jasmine to talk about her book, Healthy is the new Skinny, Your Guide to Self Love in a Picture Perfect World, and how women can wear what they want no matter what size they are. 

Evolve with John Edward

We loved this episode of John Edward's Evolve where Katie had an opportunity to break down the beauty ideal and the images we see in the media. Being comfortable in you body is an evolution of personal spirituality because you are accepting that your value does not come from your body but from their spirit and essence. their