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Parents Magazine 

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shape magazine

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Shape magazine featured Katie and True for their #MOMBOD column in the May 2018 issue. Post-partum body image is a struggle and it is okay to pause and remember that your soft tummy is your baby's home, comfort, and favorite place to be. 

thoughtfully magazine

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Thoughtfully magazine did an amazing Q+A with Katie about self-love and how to become comfortable in your

own skin.

Shape Magazine 

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Shape Magazine featured Katie Willcox as a "MOVER & SHAPER" in the Janurary 2018 issue naming her the shape-positivity activist that is turning "real" bodies into the new beautiful. Now that is a movement we can all rally behind!




Check out the 5 page print feature on Katie, Healthy is the new skinny, and Natural Model Management in the October 2017 issue of Seventeen Magazine Mexico.  "Living in Mexico for three months a year has brought so much happiness to my life. I love the country of Mexico and the girls and women who live there.  Each culture has many obstacles to overcome and I hope female empowerment and equality is on the horizon for the girls and women of Mexico. They deserve nothing less."



Yoga magazine brought the message "Healthy is the new Skinny" to their December 2017 issue. The yoga community is rooted in wellness and self-care, but that doesn't mean it is exempt from body ideals and body image issues. This article written by Katie Willcox gives tools to battle the societal pressure to be skinny and choose inner peace and health instead.  

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