The Perfect Fold-Up Highchair For Your Family Summer Road-Trip


Bradford, True, and I are on an epic summer road-trip! We started in Los Angeles and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway through northern California, up the Oregon Coast, through Washington state, ending up in Whistler Canada where I am a presenter for the Wanderlust Festival. It has been really fun and I shared on my Instagram story this portable highchair we always take with us! Trying to feed a hyper toddler who has been sitting in the car most of the day is no easy task. This chair is a game changer and we always bring it with us on road-trips to ensure that True will actually eat her dinner instead of running around the hotel room like a wild woman. There are several options to choose from via Amazon but this is the exact one that we have and we love it. Note* we don't put True's legs through the leg holes because they are a little small, she just sits on top of them and it is no problem because that part lays flat.