My First Time Walking the Runway for Monday Swimwear - Miami Swim Week 2018


2018 has been a great year with so many excellent opportunities that have come to me, not from being a model, or being pretty, but because I have met some fantastic women doing what I love! I met Devin Brugman, co-founder of Monday Swimwear and A Bikini A Day, earlier this year while speaking on a panel for Becca Swimwear about health, body image, and the importance of authentic influencers on social media. Devin, who I adore, came up to me after the discussion to thank me for being honest and talking about real issues. We became friends on social media, and I have collaborated with both Devin and her business partner and best friend, Natasha Oakley, for their Voluptuous line of swimwear.

The entire female team at Monday Swimwear are passionate about size diversity and making sure that women of various shapes and sizes have beautiful swimwear and resort-wear available to them. Seeing as though I own Natural Model Management, a modeling agency that represents the top talent in Los Angeles when it comes to curve models, we knew we were a match made in heaven and had to work together. The outcome was nothing short of stunning. Take a look at some of the images from the Voluptuous photo shoot!

Devin asked me if I would walk in the Monday Swimwear runway show in Miami Swim Week 2018 in Miami. Of course, I said yes! And the show was absolutely stunning. I loved the styling and class these women brought to the runway. You can see for yourself by watching the full runway show in the video below. Monday Swim doesn’t disappoint!

My favorite looks of the show!