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It is estimated that it takes people 21-28 days to form a new habit. This 21-Day Workout Challange is a commitment to making physical health a priority by moving your body for 30 minutes each day for the 21 days in efforts to form a new healthy habit. That is it! There are no rules or stipulations around how you should or can do that. Our goal at HNS is to help you discover what is best for your body by shutting out the noise of our society and tuning into the needs of your body. 


We love chatting with you and seeing you get your sweat on via Instagram. Snap a pic of your workout or a sweaty selfie and tag @healthyisthenewskinny and @katiehwillcox and share your challenge experience to be featured on our social media. This is an excellent opportunity to follow other participants, root other women on, and feel supported as you continue to create a new healthy habit around working out. 


We understand if you don't feel comfortable taking photos of yourself at the gym but we also know that nothing great comes from your comfort zone. It is ok to run to the bathroom or take a pic in your car. They don't have to be perfect photos! This challenge is about being real, not perfect and no matter what you look like or what other people think, you deserve to be included in this group and community online! So you go, girl! 


After making the commitment to our 21-day challenge and signing up to join our team, we will be sending you email updates to help keep you motivated and inspired. Plus, we invite you to join our first HNS 5k Color Run on June 23rd in Los Angeles, at the Stubhub Center. The Color Run, also known as the "Happiest 5k on the Planet," is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality. This is a super fun way for all of us to get together smack dab in the middle of our next challenge. We can encourage and support each other along the way which will give us the momentum we need to finish our challenge with a bang.

Please note the sign up for The Color Run is separate than our 21-Day Challenge sign up, so please do both if you want to do the run with us. Upon registering for the run you will be asked if you would like to join a team.  Be sure to scroll down and select Healthy is the New Skinny.  Make sure to use our special $5 off discount code (COLORHNS) when you sign up.  It can be used on the Super, Mega, and Ultra Color Runner Registrations. This special code will be available to the first 50 Team HNS registrants only so make sure not to wait too long!

We are all searching for the place where we fit. The place where we can connect with other women on a deeper level. That place is here! Sign up below and let's get this party started on Monday, June 11th.

Take a look at our first ever 21 day challenge and the amazing women and women who joined us by checking out our Re-cap blog post!