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Celebrating the natural body of the modern woman workshop

This workshop will explore the generational programing that is stunting our ability to thrive as modern day women. Women are accomplishing more than ever before, and yet there are still limiting beliefs we carry with us, like the constant struggle to like what you see in the mirror or feeling like you are good enough no matter how much you accomplish. We will examine the symbolism of the female body throughout various points in history and locate the origin of the outdated programing we are accepting as truth but holds no relevance in today's time. By looking deeper into our past, our society, and the relationship we have with our mothers and grandmothers, we will challenge the outdated and false beliefs about ourselves and create a foundation for self-love to flourish. 


-The symbolism of the female body throughout history.

-Identifying our Mother's and Grandmother's generational beliefs about women and themselves.

-Understanding how those outdated beliefs create roadblocks in our relationships with our mothers and grandmothers as those ideas don't apply to our generation of women.

-Turning your frustration into compassion to create a healthier sense of self and relationship with your Mother and Grandmother. 

-The subconscious programming keeping women small (Skinny ideal.)

-How poor body image limits our ability to achieve our goals

-Evaluating your belief system and sense of self.

-Identifying what you want and where your value comes from.

-Tools to challenging limiting beliefs about yourself and correcting them to become the modern woman you were born to be.

Ticket pricE

$130 early bird special

$150 General admission

Tickets include a body positive yoga class followed by the workshop with Katie.