Pre-Order Your HNS Hoodies for the Holidays and Help Women in Need!

HNS Hoodie Pre-Order

Pre-Order your HNS Hoodie for the Holidays and 100% of the proceeds goes to Resisterhood, a Los Angeles based non-profit organization that helps female based charities get the resources they need! You can shop for yourself, your bestie, and help women in need! It is a win win!

This is a medium weight cotton hoodie. The sizing is unisex and generous so depending on how you like the fit of your hoodie, know that it is roomie.

You can also crop your hoodie like Nikki did in this photo for a super cute look! We will be doing a video to show you how to measure and crop it just right for your body!

We will do our first run of orders at the end of this week. Hoping to start shipping everything to you the first week of December!

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I have had so many of you asking about HNS hoodies and when we would be selling them again! Before I had my daughter True, things were less busy, and I was able to handle shipping and selling some of our merchandise. After having a baby and our other business Natural Models continuing to grow exponentially, I couldn’t keep up! So we took a break from selling anything and had most of our overstock sitting in storage.

A few months ago my friend Christy Black called me and said she was going to ride her bike 600 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money for childhood cancer research with the PabLove Foundation. Then it hit me! I suggested we fire sale all the merchandise in storage and give 100% of the proceeds to the PabLove Foundation!

IMG_1881 2.jpg

I was so proud of Christy for even attempting to do something that difficult! I was glad to support her, and together we raised $2,500 for childhood cancer research, and Christy made it the entire 600 miles that was beyond inspiring.


I realized that even though I don’t have a ton of extra time, I have enough time to give more to others! I am so grateful for the life that I have, and I think when we live in that space of gratitude we want others to have a good experience too! Using my resources to help another woman and friend reach her goal was so rewarding. Not to mention that her goal was helping children in need, that was the icing on the cake. I wanted to keep that positivity going and keep our love flowing! Any merchandise we sell on HNS from this point forward, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

It is beautiful, you can get something you want like an HNS hoodie that reminds you to choose your health, and we can give in return to those who need help. That is what life is about, and this holiday season we are excited to see how much we can raise for Resisterhood LA!

Resisterhooh LA makes volunteering in your community easy! Once a month they host an event partnered with a female charity in need. They are 100% run by volunteers, and we were fortunate enough to discover them when we attend their recent Flowvember, “period party” event where we donated feminine hygiene products and hand packed packages, with love, for homeless women in need.

We need more love. Love for ourselves and love for one another. That is how we get through this thing called life. Thank you for joining us in this effort.