Dare to Bare Event in Union Square!


I was so honored to be apart of the Dare to Bare event with Sweaty Betty in Union Square, NYC! When I arrived at Union Square, I ran right into Jenny Gaither, the founder of Movement Foundation and We Dare to bare, which aims at making health and wellness accessible to all families. We Dare to Bare is an initiative to invite women of all shapes and sizes to get active together and dare to bare their natural bodies. At this event, every woman worked out in a sports bra by Sweaty Betty, and we let it all hang out without the fear of judgment from others.

We started the morning by coming together for a group discussion about health and body image with We Dare to Bar founder, Jenny Gaither, and TV personality and celebrity personal trainer, Jen Widerstrom! One of the main focus points for me at this event was helping women to shed some unneeded weight… and I wasn’t talking about pounds. I was talking about the guilt and shame that comes with having a female body. I wanted all the women at this event to feel proud of themselves for showing their natural, healthy bodies at every size by acknowledging that we all feel the same way regardless of what we look like; and that is judged. If we can move past the fear of what others think about us and into our health, strength, and power, the world will be a better place.

After our talk, Jenny lead a Soul Cycle spin class, and I was honored to be in the front row. The energy was so positive, beautiful, lovely, and 100% female. Being in the front row allowed me to see all the people walking by and taking notice of this event. I watched as, one by one, little girls would walk up to the fences and watch us getting active and celebrating our bodies. And one by one, they would light up with these huge beautiful smiles. That was my favorite part of this experience and a beautiful reminder that when we are brave enough to be seen as we are, we permit others to do the same. I plan on bringing my daughter to as many of these events as possible and I hope you do the same! This is how they will learn to not only love their own bodies but teach other girls to do the same.

Thank you to Sweaty Betty for having me and to Jenny for creating such an excellent foundation and safe space for girls and women to be who they are! If you want to attend a Dare to Bare event click here to find the next one near you! To shop my super hero inspired leggings from Sweaty Betty click here!